Community and Camaraderie

A man dead lifts up to his shoulders as he prepares to go higher at Crossfit 620.
A man squats on an exercise mat catching his breath after an exhausting work out.

Mention the word “CrossFit” to most people, and they’ll probably conjure up images of people in their 20s and 30s in peak physical fitness doing things that only the most in shape people can do. 

Ask Luke Robinson what he thinks of when he hears CrossFit, and the images are all over the place. It’s people of all ages in all different shapes and sizes at different stages of life.

“CrossFit is for anyone,” Robinson, owner of Pittsburg’s CrossFit 620, said. “Over the years we’ve trained high level athletes, grandparents, children, college students, and everything in between. I love being able to help people find fitness for the first time, or maybe just the first time in a while, as well as push the advanced to new highs.”