Q+A: The Meat Shed

Meat in display case
Store owner in shop

It started in his garage, got a boost at the Farmers Market, and now The Meat Shed is a staple on South Rouse. We talked to owner Matt DeMoss about his vision for the company and why Pittsburg needed all the meats.

What was the inspiration for your business?

We felt that it was important to provide the Pittsburg area with better alternatives for food that harnessed the abundance of the excellent beef, pork, and poultry raised and grown right here in our backyards. We also wanted to carry on the unique and traditional food heritage of SEK. For us, these traditions included making European-style, dry cured salami and fresh sausages. 

Why is Pittsburg a good place to start and own a business?

The Meat Shed started and flourished through its beginnings, five years ago, at the Pittsburg Farmers Market. Our decision to expand the business in Pittsburg is inspired by Pittsburg’s own efforts to grow and enhance the cultural richness of the community and surrounding area. We are hoping to ride the coattails of this movement. 

What is something people may not know about your business? 

The only shop licensed to fully produce dry-cured salami in Kansas is The Meat Shed. We are a full-scale butcher shop that purchases the lion’s share of our premium meats and produce from area small farms. We hand-make every meat and pickled product we sell, including cold cuts, sausages, bacon, and charcuterie. The Meat Shed also has a deli, with indoor seating, and lunch specials available from 11-2 on Tuesdays thru Saturdays. 

How would you describe Pittsburg today?

An up-and-coming Kansas community with a solid vision for growth, made up of a hard-working population that values our roots, and a great spot for delicious food, coffee, and craft beer. 

What makes Pittsburg a great place to live and work? 

It’s home.

The Meat Shed