fitness & recreation

Pump some iron, run that 5K, or just get out on the lake. Pittsburg and the surrounding area provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art workout facility or peaceful running trails, our city offers plenty of places to get fit and have some fun.

LC Davis at gym

Back to School.

three women in gym

Right place. Right time.

A man dead lifts up to his shoulders as he prepares to go higher at Crossfit 620.

Pittsburg was the right city at the right time to make this dream a reality.

A thrown axe is firmly planted in the middle of a bullseye.

A quick trip to Chicago led a California family with Pittsburg roots to buy an old building downtown and make axe throwing a thing. 

A man and woman stand facing one another, both holding weighted dumbbells far above their heads.

A young couple met at Pitt State, moved to Texas, moved to Tulsa, then came home to follow their dreams of running their own gym. 

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Pittsburg is fortunate to be surrounded and supported by a variety of engaging, energetic communities throughout Crawford County. To learn all about what this part of the state has to offer, check out the Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau!