3 Ways to Spend a Spring Day in Pittsburg

home with spring trees

Spring is a fun and beautiful time to be in Pittsburg, Kansas. The trees are blooming, people are getting outside more, and the city seems to have new life after a chilly winter. 

Here are 3 tips on how to spend a perfect spring day in Pittsburg!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Pittsburg is blessed with many ways to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and scenery outside. From biking and walking trails to a wide variety of parks, there is no shortage of things to do outside. You can also enjoy a nice day on the golf course or take your pup to the dog park. Did you know we also have disc golf?! 

Coffee and Cocktails

The great thing about spring is that it’s still a little chilly in the morning but nice and warm in the afternoon. So start your day with a nice latte or mocha at Signet, Root, Starbucks, or any of the other amazing coffee shops in town. Then, later in the day, enjoy a nice cocktail at Jolly Fox, Brick + Mortar, Chatters, The Pitt, TJ Lelands … you get the point. We have plenty of options for a nice Old Fashioned or craft beer! 

T Sno

Everyone in Pittsburg knows a warm day isn’t complete without visiting the legendary Tropical Sno on the south end near Pittsburg State University. It’s an icon for a reason. No matter your palate, T Sno has something for everyone. Because it’s so popular, it’s a great place to see friends and children and college students all just hanging out enjoying each other’s company … and of course a delicious treat.