A mannequin head is beautifully adorned with beads, some spelling out names of iconic females through history.


At any given time at 6th and Broadway, one could see and hear traffic headed all directions, people popping in and out of shops … the sounds of a thriving downtown community. 

On the northwest corner of that intersection, there is a space that feels fall away from it all.

Eclectic Soul Studio, owned by LaStacia Marie and Tammy Nyachira , is a space to heal. A quiet studio where people escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get in tune with their inner selves. These peaceful moments are essential, Marie said, to mental and physical health.

“We need to take the time to be fully present in our bodies,” she said. “Most people go through their days, through their routines, not really thinking about what we’re doing. We’re not present.”

Everyone is their own healer.

Marie said the goal of the studio, which provides yoga, mediation, art, and energy healing services, is to help people be well physically by caring for their mental and emotional health.

“Stress causes illness,” she said. “All of our stress and memories and trauma are stored in our energy field, not just our physical brain. Our field communicates constantly with our bodies, and that’s how stress can cause a physical reaction. How can we expect to be well physically if we’re not giving our body the attention that it needs.”

Marie said she’s had a passion for energy work for many years and specializes in healing facilitation.

A handheld drum is beat softly within the healing studio.

“Our souls need to be cared for as much as our bodies do.”

“Everyone is their own healer,” she said. “Sometimes we need help with that process.”

Through sound meditation, singing bowls, and other chakra-activating processes, Eclectic Soul Studio at 601 N. Broadway provides Pittsburg residents with a safe, quiet space to feel whole.

“We’re spiritual beings having a human, physical experience,” Marie said. “We can’t forget that. Our souls need to be cared for as much as our bodies do. They work together.”