A rack of shirts at Minors and Monroe

Opening Miners + Monroe was about more than just owning his own shop, owner Davey Froman said. He wanted to expose Pittsburg to brands and products that are often only found in bigger cities. As someone who takes great pride in fashion and retail, Davey hoped to the up the clothing game for men in the area.

“We search for brands that are timeless, don’t need to be replaced season to season because they are no longer in style and then those that will last through daily wear and tear for quite some time,” he said. “We also try to find brands that look to give back in some capacity, whether that be environmentally or socially.”

Brands like Tentree, Alternative Apparel, and Toms are some of the staples inside Miners + Monroe. The shop also features a collection of vinyl records, watches, and various grooming products. 

After three years in business, Davey said he and Kim are starting to talk about plans of expanding their business footprint and offering more things for the community.

“We do have a few concrete dreams and goals in mind,” he said, “one of which we are currently in the process of making come to fruition. Kim and I love live music, and we are getting ready to host our first alleyway concert behind our shop. We would love to grow that idea and make it a continual event.