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When Sign Brothers opened in 2018 at the corner of Third and Broadway, many of the projects were small ticket items. They were just getting rolling, trying to feel out the market. 

“People kept coming in and asking if we could do this and do that,” said Stacy Butcher, director of business development. “It turned into a much bigger thing.”

Even if you haven’t yet been into Sign Brothers – now at 508 N. Broadway – odds are good you’ve seen their large neon sign. That sign not only is a vibrant example of what the company can produce, it’s also a metaphor for what can be achieved in a community like Pittsburg: go big, shine bright.

“There’s something going on here in Pittsburg,” Butcher said. “It’s a special place. If you work hard and put yourself out there, big things can happen here.”

“If you work hard and put yourself out there, big things can happen here.”

Sign Brothers today provides a variety of services and products, such as commercial signage, window graphics, wall wraps, engraving, work apparel, digital printing and so much more. They’ve worked with companies big and small, schools, restaurants, shops, sports teams, and on and on. 

Their work is everywhere from locker rooms at Pittsburg State University to storefronts downtown. That bright, neon sign at Audacious Boutique? They did that. The “Stay Social” sign inside Brick + Mortar? Yep. Did that. They even restored and brought new life to the iconic sign at Jim’s Steakhouse. 

“We’re much more than a typical sign shop,” Butcher said. “We’re a branding company. We like to partner with small businesses to help magnify their brand. We like to provide services and solutions for local businesses.”

As a part of the sign division at CDL, Sign Brothers is able to offer a wide range of services and solutions to its customers. It was that desire to help businesses in Pittsburg that led to Sign Brothers opening in the first place.

“CDL has had a full-blown, full-service sign division where we do everything from banners, to t-shirts, to canvas wraps,” Butcher said. “It’s just that nobody was coming into CDL to ask for these things. I’m not sure many people knew we offered these services.”

Larry Seward, CDL’s CEO, proposed opening a shop downtown to help give the sign division a branded face and a name. 

“That idea became Sign Brothers,” Butcher said. “No, it wasn’t started by actual brothers. The name is a bit of an homage to the direct partnership with CDL.”

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