On Pittsburg.

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One of the coolest things about working on this PittKan initiative is talking to many people throughout the city and hearing their thoughts about Pittsburg. From time to time on this blog, we’re going to compile a collection of quotes on Pittsburg that have been shared with us. It’s fun to see and hear the optimism and energy radiating throughout our city!

“This town allows you to have a dream, have the time, energy, and money to go for that dream. Where else could an electrician get called on a Monday, show up on Tuesday, and get all the work done by Thursday’s city inspection? Trust me, it wouldn’t happen anywhere but in Pittsburg.” – Stephanie Beitzinger-Watts White Elephant Emporium.

“I love Pittsburg and feel lucky that I get to live in such a loving and caring community. I meet a lot of people who moved away for their careers, and they come back to Pittsburg to retire.  There is a reason they do that. I feel proud of the fact that in my own little way I have helped make Pittsburg a great place to live.” – John Harrison, In The Garden

“The town’s growth over the last 3 to 4 years is exciting. The city is doing a great job of taking intentional steps to further opportunities and growth, not just for entrepreneurs, but for everyone.” – Luke Robinson, Crossfit620

“We love the small town vibe with big city opportunities. The people here are always so friendly and we can’t think of anywhere better to raise our daughter.” – Candace Hill, Paradise Mall

“I love to see Pittsburg embracing diversity and being supportive of women entrepreneurs. I’m glad to know my husband and I made the right choice to move to Pittsburg.” – Gloria Montes, Montes Roofing

“When I was growing up in Pittsburg, there wasn’t a lot of activity downtown. We never really went downtown at all. Now, there are many new businesses and so much foot traffic. It’s great seeing so many people walking or riding bicycles downtown. That’s honestly the reason we moved here from California.” – Ben Fowler, Main Street Axe

“Downtown is home. Even though we grew up not far from Pitt, Downtown is where we belong. It truly is the heart of the city. The people who work and play here exemplify that daily. It wasn’t always this way, but today it is a vibrant, innovative and creative space. There’s a hum each day. A cadence of hustle and bustle that every city needs. The sound of life.” – Heather Horton, TOAST