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When you know, you know. 

Brian Hendrickson knew at three years old.

“My grandparents would babysit us, and my grandpa would come home for his lunch break to take a nap,” he said. “He built me a little stool so I could stand behind him and pretend to shampoo his bald head as he slept.”

He was always going to do hair, and he’s been doing it in PIttsburg for more than 30 years. In 2002, he and his wife Kelli opened Salon 9 at the corner of 9th and Broadway.

“It’s a total family unit.”

“The story about being in this building is kinda funny,” he said. “It used to be an old tire shop. I told my wife one day that we’re going to buy this building and turn it into a salon. Isn’t that cool?”

Kelli’s response: “No.”

Almost 20 years later, here they are. Together. As a family. Brian, Kelli, and their daughters Isabel and Ela. Oh, and a good chunk of Pittsburg.

“It’s a total family unit,” Brian said, “and that includes the community. The college students that come in here become our baby birds that we’re getting ready to send out in the world. I’m at the point now when they’ll tell me that I cut their parents’ hair. Everyone who comes in here is like family to us.”

Hendrickson said he’s seen many changes in Pittsburg over the years, and he’s especially excited for the new energy downtown.

“I love all the restaurants, all the shops,” he said. “Really, I’m excited to see young people excited about it. I like seeing my daughter and her generation be excited about being in Pittsburg.”

Salon 9 Staff

“We really could not ask for anything better than what Pittsburg has provided.”

Salon 9 office manager Cristina Hamilton said they often notice the increased traffic downtown.

“There’s a whole new vibe downtown now,” she said. “Broadway is a vibe.”

Hendrickson said he appreciates that the community has allowed him to live out his dream of being a salon owner. 

“We really could not ask for anything better than what Pittsburg has provided,” he said. “There is a reason we’ve stayed all these years. It’s our home, and the people here really do support each other.”

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