Two men standing outside coffee shop

'How a Small Town Should Look'

The first time Brad Fourby visited Pittsburg, it was dark outside. In December.

The holiday season was in full swing. Those familiar with Pittsburg know how magical downtown is that time of year. All the lights and decorations and holiday spirit.

Brad was visiting from his home city of Sacramento, California. 

“I just remember thinking that this is exactly how a small town should look at Christmas,” he said. “It was really a special moment.”

A lifelong Californian, Brad had visited Pittsburg several times on business trips. Each time, the city pulled at him more and. Pittsburg, he said, started to represent a chance to start fresh, to chase his dreams. 

“I was ready to get out of California,” he said, “but I didn’t just want to move somewhere and have a job. I wanted to open my own business. I started to see Pittsburg as that opportunity.”

“You couldn’t have paid for a better day.”

Around that same time, Brad’s brother Fred Fourby was also ready to leave California. After looking around at a few options, he started feeling a pull toward Oklahoma. 

“More than anything, I was looking to escape California,” he said. “I was ready for a change.”

Brad started telling Fred about Pittsburg, and on his birthday two years ago, Fred pulled into town.

“It was a beautiful day,” Fred said. “You couldn’t have paid for a better day.”

The two brothers had lunch at Freddy’s before heading to Kansas Crossing Casino for cocktails. The next day, they drove around to give Pittsburg a look.

“I was really surprised at how much commerce was here,” Fred said. “It really was an upgrade from where I was coming. All the eating and retail options were great.

“Yeah,” he decided, “this works.”

Pittsburg has a variety of really good choices that not every place in the country has.”

Brad and Fred Fourby are two of Pittsburg newest residents, and they couldn’t be more happy to be here. After spending much of their lives on the west coast, the ease and charm of Pittsburg has been refreshing and rejuvenating. 

It’s in the little things.

“I spend a lot of time just sitting in my front yard, talking to the neighbors,” Fred said. “It’s great. Everybody who walks by has a dog.”

Brad, who owns and operates Leafy Green Farms, said he’s impressed by the open lines of communication and cooperation throughout the business community.

“When I was looking to start my business, I was able to talk directly to people at the City of Pittsburg who could help me through everything,” he said. “It all happened through conversations that would never have happened in a city of three million people.”

Brad said the more he’s learned about Pittsburg, the more he sees it as a place of “incredible opportunity” for people chasing their owns dreams.

“You can go from a renter to a homeowner,” he said. “You can go from an employee to a business owner. You can have a business downtown or something more rural. We have the public high schools and the university. Pittsburg has a variety of really good choices that not every place in the country has.”

Pittsburg, he said, is also located in a prime spot for day trips and excursions.

“Two hours in any direction can get you a world away,” Brad said. 

Fred, who spent more than 30 years in the insurance industry, said he’s excited to be in Pittsburg and enjoy some quality relaxation.

“I’m really looking forward to golfing,” he said. “You have a nice golf club here. Now I can go golfing and just enjoy golfing without having to talk to a bunch of people about work. I’m not here to work. I want to enjoy myself and relax, and Pittsburg is a great place to do that.”

Now with Brad and Fred settled in, their sister Linda is expected to make the move to Pittsburg later this year.