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When Melissa Weed launched Honey Does Cleaning in 2019, it was a way to earn a little extra money for her family. Her full-time gig at a nonprofit cut her hours, and she just needed to make up a bit of that difference.

If she could just get a few cleaning jobs, she said, she could make enough money to reach their financial goals. 

“Honey Does began for somewhat self-serving reasons,” Weed admits, “but it’s so much more than that today.”

Turns out, Pittsburg was craving a business just like Honey Does. Before long, Weed had requests from all over town. 

This thing may not stay a part-time thing for long, she told her husband. 

“By just launching this business, we pretty much opened up the floodgates,” Weed said. “We realized very quickly that there was a legitimate need in Pittsburg for a service like this. So what started as a self-serving thing is now a full-service business dedicated to helping make Pittsburg a better place.

“This was a way bigger opportunity than we ever imagined.”

“By just launching this business, we pretty much opened up the floodgates.”

Honey Does is a cleaning company that provides residential and commercial cleaning. The company specializes in recurrent weekly and bi-weekly maintenance cleaning in homes and businesses. They offer customizable, personalized cleaning plans that cater to specific household needs.

Since launching in 2019, the business has grown rapidly and now employees a team of seven. Weed said Pittsburg is an ideal place to open a new business.

“Pittsburg is in Southeast Kansas, which is at a cool crossroads or meeting point of the four surrounding states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri,” she said. “Being centrally located like this gives businesses access to an excellent variety of resources, people, and opportunities.  The city is not oversaturated or overpopulated with businesses or residents, making it fertile ground to own and operate a business.”

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“Pittsburg is a growing city with great potential for its residents and businesses.”

While many people think Honey Does is part of a larger, corporate franchise, Weed said she’s proud to correct them and remind them the business is homegrown.

“We get asked all the time where we are headquartered out of – the question coming from people thinking that we are a franchised cleaning company where the corporate offices are in some big city,” she said. “Honey Does started out of Pittsburg, KS. We are not part of a bigger franchise and are locally owned. Although we might like to expand via licensing or franchising eventually, headquarters would still remain in Pittsburg.”

The entrepreneurial spirit in Pittsburg, Weed said, is very motivating and inspiring for business owners like herself.

“Pittsburg is a growing city with great potential for its residents and businesses,” she said. “The city and surrounding areas have a rich history in coal mining that comes with hard work, perseverance, determination and no short supply of ‘bootstrappers.’ The entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in every nook and cranny of the town.”

Check out Honey Does online at https://honeydoesllc.com/. 

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