Two men sit at a bar enjoying drinks while a neon sign in the background reads "Stay Social."


To most people, it’s just Brick + Mortar. 

To the regulars, it’s just Brick. 

To the staff, it’s Brick + Mortar Social House. For a reason.

“The full name is very intentional,” manager Karly White, said. “We want this to be more than just a restaurant and bar. It’s a place to connect with your friends and family and people across town. Most people go out to eat to be social, otherwise we’d just eat at home. The social aspect of a place like this means so much to us.

“There’s a reason we put a huge ‘Stay Social’ sign on the back wall.”

“Stay Social”

From burgers and salads to steak and salmon, Brick + Mortar offers a wide variety of menu items, all made from scratch. Its drink menu offers beer, wine, and a variety of craft cocktails. 

“People go out to eat for different reasons,” White said. “Some want to pop in for a burger and fries and a beer. The next table over may be having salmon with a side salad and red wine. We treat every meal with the same focus and care. If you’re going to have a burger, it’s going to be the best burger you’ve ever had. Same goes for our pizzas, steaks, fish, salads, all of it.”

With new shops and restaurants opening up throughout the city, White said she’s proud to play a small role in the increased activity downtown. 

“We’re located right at the heart of the city, so we see all of the people driving and walking by every day,” she said. “It’s fun to see groups of friends or families walking by with bags from the boutiques nearby or with a coffee from Root or gelato from TOAST. Pittsburg is such a strong, proud community, and we’re thrilled to be here as part of the thriving dining scene.”

Three women chat over wine bathed in natural light from large windows.s