Coffee Tour of Pittsburg

Coffee Shops near Pittsburg KS

Whether you just need that morning jolt to get you going or you’re a coffee connoisseur who savors every sip, Pittsburg is brewing up something special for you. Let’s take a caffeine crawl through some of our favorites.

Signet Coffee Roasters

Located at the south end of downtown, Signet is Pittsburg’s only coffee roaster. You know it when you walk in, too. The smell of roasting coffee is always hanging in the air and will make coffee lovers swoon. You can purchase bags of a variety of different roasts, along with staple coffee drinks. The shop has a quiet atmosphere and is a great place to read or have an intimate conversation with friends. If you’re not a coffee fan, they also have a hand-made chai blend that’s to die for. 

Root Coffee House & Creperie

Root is a cozy gathering spot located in the middle of downtown as part of Block22. They offer a host of coffee drinks using local coffee roasters, including Signet. That’s not all though — you can enjoy teas, smoothies, bagels, or their signature crepes while chilling out on one of their couches or at a quiet corner table. Root is also home to plants, art, live music, and poetry gatherings. For book lovers, there’s even a little free library that’s always stocked with something to read.


Nestled inside of Ron’s Supermarket, a locally owned grocery store, PittCafe offers respite for shoppers or anyone who wants to stop in on the south end of town. Offering a variety of frappes, smoothies, and hot coffee staples (using locally roasted SIgnet coffee), there’s something for everyone. One of the benefits of being inside of a grocery store is that there’s also a lot of food handy — so grab a donut or bakery treat on your way in or out!

Coffee Chains

In addition to homegrown shops, Pittsburg is home to several coffee chains. If you’re a fan of Starbucks, you can find it located at the north end of town in the commercial shopping district. Maybe you need some caffeine and a breakfast sandwich before hitting the road. Scooters (which is just south of Starbucks a few blocks down) offers a quick drive-through experience so you can get your caffeine on without ever getting out of the car.