Mother and son enjoy coffee together in front of an aged brick wall.

From local coffee shops like Signet Coffee Roasters and Root Coffeehouse to chain shops like Starbucks and Scooters, Pittsburg residents have many choices when it comes to a nice cup of joe.

“We think so many decisions are made around a table while everyone is having their cup of coffee,” Signet owner Leah Posterick said. “The few people we have met who don’t like coffee still like the smell of coffee. It’s often something so ingrained in daily routines or even may hold a nostalgic place in your heart.”

Taylor Whiteley, co-owner of Root, said she’s proud to not only be part of the growing coffee scene in Pittsburg, but also to be part of the resurgence downtown.

“My favorite thing about Root being in Downtown Pitt is the wide variety of people that we get to see and interact with,” she said. “While we do see a plethora of college students, we also serve a lot of families, people conducting business meetings, and groups of retired individuals.”